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Welcome to Nearson

Antennas, Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

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  Nearson IP67 Rated Swivel Antennas!

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Nearson IP67 WLAN/ISM Band Fiberglass Antennas

Nearson's new Fiberglass Antennas cover  2.4/5.x GHz WLAN, 915MHz ISM and 868MHz ISM bands.  Features such as High Efficiency and Portability coupled with High Gain and Low VSWR make these Antennas Top Performers.  Touting Ingress Protection IP67 Certification for Dust Proof/Water Proof protection,  the Fiberglass Radome of these antennas are designed and built for environmental durability and pleasing aesthetics.  A rugged industrial grade connector (N Type) provides sturdy and reliable connection. See the Technical Specifications.   View and download the IP67 WLAN/ISM Band Fiberglass AntennasFor any further information please contact sales@nearson.com or call us at 703-913-5552.

Nearson Indoor/Outdoor IP67 Rated Swivel Antennas!

We are proud to present our New Dust-proof/Waterproof  Antenna Models 1551, 1721, 2102, 469, G1013, G1015 and G1017.  These Antennas cover a wide variety of frequency bands for use in various Indoor/Outdoor wireless applications.  These antennas have a Certified Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67.)  See the Technical Specifications.   For any further information please contact sales@nearson.com or call us at 703-913-5552.

Nearson SWaM Certification Obtained!

Nearson, Inc. is officially certified as SWaM (Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business) by Virginia DMBE.  The SWaM certification program is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (“DMBE”) and is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s effort to help small, women- and minority-owned businesses with doing business with state government entities.   For more information about  our SWaM certification, please email sales@nearson.com or call us at 703-913-5552.  You may also visit the DMBE website and type in Nearson in the search field to view our vendor registration information.

Nearson Designed LTE Antennas. New!

LTE technology is becoming ever prevalent in a world where consumers expect, demand and use increasingly larger amounts of bandwidth at faster data rates for their information and entertainment needs. LTE Technology provides consumers with reliable, high-speed data transmission and reception for wireless and mobile applications, over a variety of consumer devices, such as smart phones, tablets and more. Nearson, Inc. has developed various types of LTE antennas to accommodate Industry and Consumer demands in this high-speed, bandwidth hungry digital world. Our new LTE antennas are used for commercial/business data access point devices as well as personal/mobile device usage. In addition, Nearson, Inc. LTE antennas not only cover the LTE spectrum, but also cover WCDMA, CDMA, and GSM spectrums, all in one antenna.  Nearson, Inc also provides custom design solutions for most customer requirements.  Click the link to take a look at our current LTE Antennas, our model 6155, 770 and 771.  Also available from our partner E/M Wave, Inc. is their model EM-M20007.

E/M Wave, Inc. products are now available from Nearson!

Please welcome E/M Wave, Inc. to the Nearson Antenna product family!  Nearson, Inc. has partnered with E/M Wave, Inc. establishing a working joint venture, capitalizing on the synergistic capabilities of both company's expanding and complimentary antenna product lines.  Nearson's extensive offering of embedded, portable and wireless access point antennas coupled with E/M Wave's high quality fixed station and mobile antenna products for LTE, GPS and LMR/Public Safety, provide our customers with access to a comprehensive product line servicing wireless applications from 100 MHz through 6 GHz.  You can view the E/M Wave, Inc product line here! For more information about E/M Wave, Inc. products please contact sales@nearson.com or call us at 703-913-5552.

Nearson Model 770 and 771 Multiband Antennas

These new antenna from Nearson, Inc. are sturdy, low profiled, highly efficient and portable.  As multiband antennas, they cover Global Cellular, ISM & Security/Licensed bands worldwide.  They are environmentally durable and perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor applications.  They feature a Radome constructed of High Impact Xenoy™ material , dual sealed, complimented with a silicone compression pad for enhanced waterproof mounting on surfaces up to 1/4" inch thick.  As always, these and all Nearson Antenna Products are RoHS compliant.  See more details available in our Low Profile Antennas section.  View and download the Model 770 Series Brochure and Model 771 Series Brochure.

Nearson CL2 Click Mount Hex Bushing

Nearson, Inc. will be releasing a new antenna series with their second generation click mount hex bushing, which adapts to electronic products whose enclosure walls are constructed of thicker than usual material. See our Article here!  Technical Specifications available for Models S131CL2-L-XXX-2450S S152CL2-L-XX-2450S and S152CL2-L-XX-915S.

Nearson Model 765NP Multi-Band External Antenna

Nearson, Inc. plans to release a new edition of their Model 765 antennas featuring a NPT ¾" inch threaded mounting base, designed in accordance to National Pipe Threading standards.  See further details here!  View and download our Product Brochure!

Nearson Model 765 Multi-Band External Antennas

Nearson proudly presents our Model 765 Multi-Band External Antenna. Perfect For outdoor or indoor applications. Excellent for M2M, Cellular, Telemetry or LMR applications. See more details available in our Low Profile Antennas section.  View and download our Product Brochure!

Nearson And Digi-Key Sign Distribution Deal

Electronic component distributor Digi-Key Corp. and Nearson, Inc. recently announced that the two companies have signed a global distribution agreement.  We are pleased to expand our antenna offering with products from Nearson, says Digi-Key President Mark Larson.  Design engineers are sure to find Nearson's state-of-the-art antenna design compelling, and with this company's product line being one of the broadest in the industry, we know that it is a great addition to our line card.  Nearson products stocked by Digi-Key and featured in its print and online catalogs include several varieties of  Rubber Duck  antennas with frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 5.85 GHz.  Digi-Key is also stocking an external multiband antenna for AMPS/GSM/DCS/PCS.  We are extremely pleased on becoming an antenna supplier to Digi-Key, comments Nearson President Joseph Chiao.  Digi-Key's distribution channels and premiere reputation for quality and service enhances the overall antenna value of our RF and wireless connectivity products for customers worldwide.

Nearson Products Declared RoHS Compliant

As those in Industry are aware, Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Union (RoHS) went into force on July 1, 2006 and affects manufacturing policies across the whole of industry. We here at Nearson, Inc. instantly realized the positive impact that we could make on the environment and immediately began the process to bring all of our products into compliance with the RoHS directives. In the year 2003, we developed and implemented the required procedures and processes at our main factory which enabled us to begin production of RoHS compliant antennas, cable assemblies and other products. In July of 2005, our main factory was officially certified to be ISO 14000 compliant. ISO 14000 is a standard for environmental management and sets requirements for implementing, maintaining and improving an environmental management system and ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In anticipation of the July 2006 implementation of the RoHS Directive, Mr. Joseph Chiao (President of Nearson, Inc.) officially announced at the May 2006 Las Vegas IWCE that all products manufactured and or distributed by Nearson, Inc. were in full compliance with the guidelines set forth by the RoHS Directive." See More details here!

Nearson SG Series Base Station Antennas

Nearson SG Series outdoor base station antennas are collinear designed en-closed in a protective fiberglass housing or a steel whip with premium brass plated "N" connector and installation brackets.  Omni directional Outdoor Antenna Section

Nearson Releases High Gain Patch Antennas

Designed with quality, versatility and elegance in mind, Nearson's new Patch Antennas are designed for optimal radio frequency distribution over a wide range of frequencies. Patch Antennas Section